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Padma joined our India affiliate, SmithDehn India, in August, 2006. Today she is a member of SmithDehn LLP and a leader of SmithDehn India's research and drafting team. Given her sheer dedication and enthusiasm, it is no surprise that Padma has an impeccable academic record, having secured the second rank in law from the University of Mysore. Ms. Padmavathi was a superstar lecturer in law at the University of Mysore and its affiliate colleges for six years, before undergoing intensive training in U.S. legal research at SmithDehn India. Her other notable academic achievements include obtaining a postgraduate diploma in Intellectual Property Rights from top-ranked National Law School in Bangalore, and an LLM in International Law and Business & Trade Law from the University of Mysore. She has also completed a course in cyber laws from the Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune. She has written and published research articles in such areas as trademark law and globalization. In 2009, Padma traveled to the United States to assist U.S. attorney Russell Smith at depositions and a hearing in a high-profile libel case against our major media client Channel Four Television Corporation. The case ended in victory at both the trial court and at the appellate court in California. To her broad knowledge and excellent legal research skills, she also brings a passion for teaching, which has proved invaluable in the training and supervision of top-notch legal researchers at SmithDehn India. Now, with over a dozen years of intensive training and experience in legal research, legal analysis, drafting and media business affairs, she capably, efficiently and independently handles a variety of projects for U.S. and UK clients.

An avid nature lover and photographer, Padma enjoys traveling, and of course spending quality time with her family.